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El Chorro is a rapidly growing climbing area - new climbing routes are added every month!

Our Climbing-Lodge climbing coach will be happy to provide you with insider tips.

Free Topo Download El Chorro

El Chorro Karte & Sektoren Übersicht

Topo Multi Pitches "Escalera Suiza"

Topo Sector "Escalera Arabe Downstairs"

Topo Sector "Escalera Arabe Upstairs"

Topo Sector "El Corral" east side

Topo Sector "Mc. Claud" 

Topo Sector "Tango"

Topo Sector "Valle d. A. Fisuras"

Topo Sector "Olivitos" & "Cocina Caliente"

Topo Sector "La Momia"

Topo "Encantadas"

Hiking Trail Mountain "La Huma"

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We're happy to provide all guests of the Climbing-Lodge with further exclusive Topos for a free download.
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Climbing Guides / Guidebooks


Climbing-Lodge El Chorro - A selection of Topos you'll find here for a free Download

27crags.com - The best Web 2.0 based Climbing Topos ever!
Sector Valle de Abdalajis
- Topo online
El Chorro Multipitches
- Multipitch routes from Bernabé Fernández
(Via deportiva de largo = bolted multipitch routes)
Cartowall - new online Topo from El Chorro


Our tip: The annually updated edition: Escalada en Málaga-El Chorro
Local guide with all new routes.
Only available on location at the Climbing Shop "Adventure El Chorro".
5 € per guide are a donation for new routes & restorations

Rockfax | 2008: El Chorro Climbing Guide
Climbing guide for El Chorro and many climbing areas in the vicinity.
Also available on location at the climbing shop "Adventure El Chorro"

Lobo Edition | 2006: Roca Espana Süd
Overview of the 115 most beautiful climbing areas in the South of Spain.

Coronn.com | 2007: Spain volume II
Download a Topo from coronn.com.

Desnivel | 2007: Andalucía - Guía de escalada deportiva
Guide de escalada en Andalusia. Spanish and English.

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