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Grit Görtz ('73)
is the sunshine of the Climbing-Lodge. She is an enthusiastic climber and has gained many years of experiences with leading and looking after groups in “Action Reisen”.
Besides the Climbing-Lodge, Grit is working as a self-employed dipl. Communication designer.
On her various journeys around the world she has discovered Spain as one of her favorite spots. Grit loves nature and enjoys being outdoors.

Tobias Görtz ('74)
is a passionate climber and has been active as a climbing- and outdoor trainer since 2000. Tobias, owning a trainer license of the German Sports Association (DSB) for alpine and sport climbing and is trained by the German Alp Association (DAV).
As a dipl. business economist, he established in 2006, with his wife Grit, the Climbing-Lodge in El Chorro.
Tobias loves the wild nature, Spain`s steep rocks and the ocean.

We are looking forward to making your holiday in El Chorro unforgettable together with our Climbing-Lodge team!


The trainers and coaches of our special courses:

Annette Hartwig (´74)
has been teaching open yoga classes, workshops & retreats all over the world since 2001. From 2005 to 2010 she was working at Yogaraum-Hamburg which she also co-founded. Her specialties are Ashtanga yoga & creative Vinyasa yoga sequences. She motivates & supports, inspires & challenges her students with ease and a twinkle in her eye. For Annette, the mountains are the perfect setting to live the moment and to rediscover oneself. Her website: www.yogabija.eu

Daniel Schudt ('74)
Daniel has been internationally trained in traditional Thai yoga massage, sports massage, acupressure & energy work and as a yoga instructor with the focus on Ayurveda. Since 2006 he has been giving massage treatments and teaching meditation & Pranayama (breathing exercises). Daniel prefers to spend his time outdoors and loves the tranquility and energy of the mountains. His Website: www.yogabija.eu