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Yoga & Climbing
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Yoga is the perfect addition to climbing.

Go climbing in the mornings & in the evenings practise Yoga under the open sky of El Chorro.

Yoga & climbing are two forms of movement that make you fully experience the moment.
Useful for climbing is the focus on breathing regularly and calmly. The muscles used while climbing will be stretched and strengthened.
In this manner, yoga aids your regeneration after climbing and helps you to relax.

If you already have yoga experience, you can further develop your practice of it.
If you are a beginner, you will easily learn the basics from us. You will receive precise instructions and sensible assistance.

Our yoga instructors have professional training, many years of teaching experience and share their enthusiasm for yoga with ease & a sense of humour.

Dates 2018

20-27 May 2018
Yoga & Climbing in El Chorro
With Steffi from Innersmile Yoga Hamburg

Prices & Services


Yoga for beginners and advanced students
•    Incl. yoga mats on loan
•    Yoga course: 6 days, Mon to Sat, ca. 1,5 hours per day

Only € 199 per person


Yoga & Climbing Course

Basic or lead climbing courses for beginners and advanced climbers

•    Incl. theory lessons & climbing equipment on loan
•    Free use of the climbing equipment on weekends (for guests of the Climbing-Lodge)
•    Max. 6 participants / coach
•    Climbing course: 4 days, Mon to Thu, 5 hours per day

Yoga & Climbing Course
Together only € 449 per person